Listen to Marta & Tricky’s new album ‘When It’s Going Wrong’

Polish singer Marta Złakowska, who has been Tricky‘s main vocalist on record for the last few years and who sounds at times disarmingly like his former collaborator Martina Topley Bird, just released her debut solo album. When It’s Going Wrong was produced by Tricky, who also wrote eight of the album’s nine songs (it finishes with a cover of Polish song “Czarno Czarny.”

Speaking to the album and its title track, Marta says, “The album is called When It’s Going Wrong because I feel that I translate a great part of myself into that song in particular. This song feels like my baby.” If you’ve been a fan of Tricky in the last 10 years, especially 2020’s Fall to Pieces, you’ll definitely want to give this a spin. Listen below.