Listen to “Glass Peach” by Joviale

On London artist Joviale’s latest EP Hurricane Belle, their light, furtive voice is as soothing as an aloe balm. Brushing up against synths, plucked strings, and horns from producer Bullion, the brisk four-song set excavates downcast moments through mesmerizing art pop. On the EP’s standout track, “Glass Peach,” Joviale’s melodies evoke a bittersweet resonance. “I felt like you were trying to use me/I guess it’s something that amused me,” they trill, with a lingering sense of heartbreak in the elongated phrasing. The song’s unusual lyrics, especially the “fragile and sweet” stone fruit of its title, become slightly more surreal as the song breaks into a guitar-driven groove halfway through. “I realize you are the real God!” they sing rapturously over chants, chiming keys, and a backing vocal that oscillates into a blur. That it all remains entirely danceable while still gently out-of-step is testament to Joviale’s captivating charm.