Listen to Cristal Cozart’s “Burntup;)”: New Rap Music Today

Cristal Cozart: “Burntup;)”

Lately I’ve been lost down the wormhole of Philly producer Trini Viv, whose interstellar funk beats sound a little like the electro plugg of North Carolina beatmaker Dylvinci meets the dreamscapes Ethereal used to hook Carti up with eons ago. They possess you with their smooth yet madcap grooves, like on Lisha G’s “Whatcha Got” or Sprout’s “YouSuck”—both completely hypnotic. The same could be said for Cristal Cozart’s “Burntup;).” Trini’s slowly unfurling digital keys and synths feel like getting caught in a mirage, though they’re also oddly relaxing. Cristal’s extremely chill shit talk is a perfect match: “Nigga think I need him, nigga please, I don’t even need my pops,” she raps, so unbothered. We need a joint tape stat.

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