Lil Nas X ‘Might Get in Trouble’ for Dropping His New Song on SoundCloud

Good Friday

“Sorry Columbia!” the singer wrote as he released “Light Again”

Lil Nas X just couldn’t keep this new song under wraps for any longer.

On Friday, the musician surprise-released a demo for “Light Again” on SoundCloud. The fun track hears the musician rapping and singing over a house beat. He joked on X that his label might not be happy about releasing it unofficially.

“Ngl might get in trouble for releasing this song without [my] label’s permission but anyway,” Lil Nas wrote on TikTok. He added on X: “Sorry Columbia!”

“I’m way too toned, let me tone down/My dick too big, so I’m cocky, hit him from the back while I’m twiddlin’ with my phone out,” he raps on the track’s second verse. “Got an M&M deal but I’m Hershey/6’2″ dark skin n— with a purpose.”

Lil Nas has been teasing “Light Again” for some time now, sharing a video of him voguing to the track’s outro back in February. “I don’t like Lil Nas music but this gone be a classic, I’m sorry,” he wrote over a video of him lip-syncing to the song earlier this month.


“Light Again” follows “Where Do We Go Now?” from his Long Live Montero documentary, and the controversial release of “J. Christ.” The single’s cover art saw Lil Nas nailed on a cross. (“Light Again” coincidentally arrives on Good Friday.) The visual for “J. Christ” opened with a bunch of celebrity lookalikes with a bare minimum resemblance to Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Oprah, Kanye West, and Ed Sheeran.

“J. Christ” marked the beginning of a new album cycle for Lil Nas X, who dropped his hit debut LP, Montero, in 2022. He also joined Skaiwater on “Light!” last week.