Liam Gallagher names new collab track with John Squire that makes him have “a little cry”

Liam Gallagher has revealed which one of his collab tracks with John Squire makes him have “a little cry”.

The former Oasis frontman previously spoke about the upcoming collaborative LP and said: “I can’t wait for people to hear the album. I think the people that are into The Stone Roses and Oasis and that kinda thing, I think they’ll fucking love it. It’s spiritual, it’s crucial. LG x”

In a new interview with Radio X‘s Johnny Vaughan, Gallagher opened up about the song on the album that makes him most emotional. After being asked about his favourite track on the LP, the ‘Wonderwall’ singer said: “Well, obviously I like ‘em all and obviously different songs do different things. Some make you wanna kick someone in the shin, some make you wanna go out and party and then some make you want to sit at home and just have a good old think… and a little cry.”


He continued: “For the one that makes me emotional ‘Mother Nature’s Song’ is a killer. It’s absolutely beautiful and it sort of really stops me in me tracks and makes me think.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Vaughan asked Squire about the song he is most proud of, to which the former Stone Roses guitarist replied with: “It changes every time I listen to the record. If you want to throw chairs through the window in a Western saloon I’d recommend ‘One Day At A Time’.”

The duo’s self-titled joint album is set for release on March 1. You can pre-order/pre-save the LP here.

“I can’t wait for people to hear the album,” said Gallagher. “I think the people that are into the Stone Roses and Oasis and that kinda thing, I think they’ll fucking love it. It’s spiritual, it’s crucial.”

Meanwhile, Squire said: “It was really inspiring to have those Knebworth gigs fresh in my mind as I started writing. Then it was a case of trying to steer it away from all being too rocky, and trying to mix up the sentiments as well.


“I like the way that in some parts, it’s quite melancholic and it can make you well up, but there are other parts that are kind of irreverent, rude or crude. There’s a little bit of everything in there, I think it’s a really good mix. I had a hunch that we’d sound good together, but I wasn’t prepared for it to be such a good fit.”

In other news, it was revealed that the duo’s upcoming joint tour in sold out just 30 seconds. They also shared the video for their latest single, ‘Mars To Liverpool’, which features an array of archival footage and photographs.

Elsewhere, Gallagher recently addressed questions about whether he or Squire would play Oasis or Stone Roses songs on their tour. He told Radio X“Nah, not doing any of that.”

“It’s gonna be just this album and maybe a few covers that we might get round to doing, but it won’t be our other bands and that, ‘cause that’s naff,” he continued. “No, them songs mean too much to me man for me to be howling over. I wouldn’t mind howling over the Oasis ones and that.”

You might be able to catch Gallagher at Reading & Leeds this year, as he is due to play Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’ in full when he headlines on the Friday date this August. Saturday’s Reading date has sadly sold out – Lana Del Rey and Fred Again.. are due to perform as headliners.

The performances will follow a UK and Ireland tour celebrating the classic record’s 30th anniversary. You can find any remaining tickets here.

Gallagher has also responded to popstar Dua Lipa calling Britpop bands “obnoxious”.