Lenny Kravitz Can’t Rip His Leather Pants Because He’s Not Wearing Any in ‘TK421’ Video

Yes, that headline is a little misleading, but it was for the sake of the bit, and the point still stands: Lenny Kravitz is butt naked and loving life in the music video for his new single “TK421.” 

“TK421” is a Prince-esque blast of uproarious funk rock, with Kravitz pinning his sights on pure uncut ecstasy: “All aboard take it to the stratosphere,” he sings, “The congregation is alive/All I’m asking is for you to break the seal/So we can dance our way to the divine.” The song’s title is also a dual Star Wars and Boogie Nights reference: “TK-421” is a designation for an Imperial stormtrooper in the Star Wars universe, while Don Cheadle’s character in Boogie Nights repeatedly hawks a stereo model called the “TK421” (it’s got “twice the bass,” and you definitely need all that bass).

As for the video (directed by Tano Muino), well, what else is there to say, except it offers a glimpse at Kravitz’s morning routine. That involves waking up, showering, brushing his teeth, smoking a little something, and dancing around wildly while totally nude (or just wrapped in a towel). Eventually, he does put some clothes on, then rocks out some more before finally walking out the door. 

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“TK421” is the first offering from Kravitz’s upcoming album, Blue Electric Light, set to arrive on March 15, 2024 via Roxie Records/BMG. The album marks Kravitz’s first album in five years, since 2018’s Raise Vibration, as well as the first double album he’s released in his career. 


In between Blue Electric Light and Raise Vibration, Kravitz published his memoir, Let Love Rule, in 2020. It was the first of two planned books, with installment one covering his life up until the release of his 1989 debut, also titled Let Love Rule

In an interview with Rolling Stone about the project, Kravitz said, “Well, I never thought about writing the book. I don’t think that my life is that interesting. [But] I’m glad that I did because writing this book was the best form of therapy I could have ever taken. This was a story about me finding my voice and I didn’t want it to be about stardom or fame. The second book will be a far more difficult book to write. Things got intense, but I think that [writing] it will provide the same level of therapy [and] a lot will be healed.”