Lennon Gallagher’s Automotion announce new EP ‘Ecstatic Oscillations’

Lennon Gallagher’s band Automotion have announced new EP ‘Ecstatic Oscillations’ – listen to first single ‘Dithyramb’ below.

The London-four piece, which features Liam Gallagher’s son, released their debut EP ‘In Motion’ in June, which followed singles ‘Mind And Motion’, ‘View From The Precipice’ and ‘Flight Of The Screaming Baboon’.

‘Dithyramb’ is the first taste of the band’s new music, arriving with an accompanying visual. The track grew into its current form during recording sessions with producer Andy Savours and reflects “the battle between the will to innovate and having influences”.


The title is a reference to the Ancient Greek hymn of the same name, sung in celebration of Dionysus, with lyricist Jesse Hitchman delivering “a parody of the madman in the market, a comical rendition of a Nietzsche-esc character on a rant of wild nights of intoxicated frenzy and inept sociability”.

‘Ecstatic Oscillations’ is set for release on September 23.

The group comprises Lennon’s school friend Jesse Hitchman alongside drummer Otis Eatwell-Hurst and bassist Luke Chin-Joseph.

With half of the band currently studying Fine Art, they have said in the past that their influences include Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Neu! and Robert Fripp.

In NME‘s Big Read interview with Liam Gallagher, he spoke about Lennon’s music: “It’s fucking mental – I don’t know about ‘experimental’. That’s a fucking word for it. Gene was telling me there’s some scene like mathematic rock or summat. I was like, ‘This is giving me a headache already and I haven’t even heard any of it’.”


He added: “I don’t get involved – they like what I do to a certain extent, but they’re fucking somewhere else. They wouldn’t listen to me, man, but they’re doing their own thing. Gene’s got some tunes on the go as well. But I don’t know what the fuck they’re drinking or smoking… all that weird music, man. Or maybe they’re not doing any of that and that’s why the music’s so fucking weird.”

Automotion are set to play Visions Festival in London on July 23, following by End of The Road Festival and Manchester Psych Fest.