Laura Pausini Likes Rauw Alejandro’s Latin Grammy Version of ‘Se Fue’ More Than Her Own

Laura Pausini was not only named Person of the Year at the 2023 Latin Grammys, but also received a “surprise” from Rauw Alejandro, who performed a snippet of her song “Se Fue” when he took the stage right after she accepted her award last Thursday.

In a recent interview, the Italian music legend shared her reaction to the performance, saying she liked Rauw’s version of the fan-favorite ballad more than her own. She added that she’d be open to re-recording it with Rauw.

“Rauw told me, ‘I’m not giving you the award, but I have a surprise for you.’ Rauw performed right after my award. I heard ‘Se Fue’ start playing, and let me tell you something: I like his version more than my own,” Pausini said. “It’s the truth.”

“My version is from 30 years ago, when I hear it now, I feel it’s too slow,” she added. “His is so pretty.”

When the interviewer suggested that fans would love to see Pausini and Rauw record a new version together, she coyly replied: “I don’t know. Let’s see! I can’t say anything until we record it, but it would be beautiful.”

When Rauw Alejandro took the stage at the Latin Grammys, he didn’t open his performance with his own track. Instead, he started performing an autotune-enhanced rendition of Pausini’s 1993 ballad “Se Fue.”

Surrounded by a ring of candles, the camera closed up on Alejandro’s face. Many fans of the singer assumed the lyrics — “Se’s gone and my life is gone with her/She’s gone and since then I have only tears” — were aimed at his ex-fiancée Rosalía, who also performed at the event.

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At the awards show, Pausini accepted the award from Karol G and performed a medley of her songs, including “Viveme,” “Durar,” and “En Cambio No.”


“I’ve had a very privileged life not only for having the great pleasure of singing in Spanish, but above all, because from that day on I felt adopted like a daughter, a sister,” she said in her acceptance speech. “I know that I don’t have the same blood, but I know very well that I have family members who have raised me from a teenager until today, giving me the opportunity to be the most Latin Italian in the entire world.”

“People who have been adopted know very well that it’s not necessary to have the same blood. Latinos are my family,” she added. “I feel Latin in my way of being, thinking, and feeling. It is very moving for me to receive this award.”