Kim and Kourtney Are Still Fighting in ‘Kardashians’ Season 4 Trailer: ‘I Hate You’

Not Over it

The season premieres September 28 on Hulu

They say time heals all wounds, but Kim and Kourtney Kardashian might need a stronger remedy. In the trailer for season four of The Kardashians, the sisters remain at odds and are barely on speaking terms. “You think things, so you’re getting riled up. I think things so I’m getting riled up,” Kim tells Kourtney, who responds: “You’re just a witch. And I hate you.”

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The trailer opens with the pair sitting next to each other, but when asked whether they think people will be surprised to see them together, silence and awkward looks settle into the room. Even later on in the clip, when Khloe Kardashian tells Kris Jenner that Kim and Kourtney still haven’t reconciled, their mother seems shocked. Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie’s biggest conflict this season is that Kylie, 25, thinks Kendall, 27, is basically 30, which basically makes her 50, which basically makes her a senior citizen.


But Kris doesn’t have time to mend the wounds between her daughters while she’s falling into spats with them, too. “We’re your daughters,” Kendall says in the clip. “You should be, like, fierce for us.” This preview, in particular, centers a conflict around Kris’ happy-go-lucky interactions with Khloe’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. While she’s boasting about how much of a hands-on dad he is to her granddaughter, Kourtney is telling him to his face: “I don’t think you deserve Khloe.”

The fourth season of The Kardashians will premiere on Hulu on Sept. 28, with new episodes streaming every Thursday.