may not tease his upcoming music often, but when he does, the fans take notice. After all, talks of his upcoming album Entergalactic have been swirling with increased frequency, fueled in part by singles like the recent Though last we heard the project was to be delayed until 2021, it seems as if Cudi isn’t entirely set on keeping listeners in a suspended state. Yesterday, he took a moment to engage in a little bit of fan interaction on Twitter, delivering a tantalizing promise in the process. 

Kid Cudi Teases Massive 2020 Campaign

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

When one user declared 2020 to be the “year of Kid Cudi,” the Man On The Moon rapper took the comment one step further. “Oh im just warmin up watch,” he responds, prompting further speculation as to what exactly he might be planning. Lest we forget that the year is already half over, and while we have received some new tracks from Cudi, it doesn’t feel like the full extent of anything. Perhaps we’ll see him deliver a mixtape, or possibly a continuation of his -assisted “The Scotts” movement. 

Check out Cudi’s confident declaration below, and sound off — what kind of tricks do you think he’s got up his sleeves? Remember, he recently made , who may very well be interested in hearing what the melodic rapper has to say. If there’s one thing for certain, 2020 could definitely benefit from a new dose of Kid Cudi music, preferably in the long-form format. Only time will tell.