Khiy’s Recent Release “Jamaican Me Happy” Spreads The Energy We All Need

A positive mindset, with positive lyrics, home to a positive energy, for a positive track: Atlanta, GA-based singer-songwriter Kiah Coleman, better known as Khiy, released a track “Jamaican Me Happy” with the energy we do not have the power to resist. The artist sings of life, fun, and parties; she made a hymn, an anthem of good vibes and a chill-out state of mind filled with utmost, endless beauty and positivity. The artist’s energy seems infinite as she praises the good time she spends, the great plant of cannabis doing magics, and partying her heart out. 

Khiy’s enthusiasm to live and enjoy every living moment will make you value life even more and want to be part of the endless fun. “Jamaican Me Happy” has a light-hearted spirit, laid back coolness, groovy vibes, and an edgy element to it. Khiy’s soulful vocals, smooth rhythms, and perfect melodic mixes of reggae, pop, Hip-Hop, and R&B tunes that make “Jamaican Me Happy” the perfect summer-filled vibe no one can resist.