Key from SHINee announces second solo album ‘Gasoline’

Key of K-pop veterans SHINee will return this month with his second solo album ‘Gasoline’.

The record, dropping August 30, will be Key’s first solo release in nearly a year – since he dropped his solo mini-album ‘Bad Love’. As his second solo album, it’s the sequel to his debut full-length ‘Face’ which dropped in 2018.

‘Gasoline’ will reportedly feature the title track ‘Gasoline’ and a total of 11 songs. See the spooky teaser image for ‘Gasoline’ here:


In an interview with NME last year, Key spoke about the retro-futuristic aesthetics of his last 2021 solo mini-album ‘Bad Love’. “That’s what this album is about: It’s not about creating something new, but more about bringing it back and reinterpreting it for today’s audience,” he said.

NME named the title track of Key’s ‘Bad Love’ number 3 on our list of the best K-pop songs of that year. “Key’s ‘Bad Love’ is a religious experience on similar levels, primarily because it’s so beautifully, unapologetically, liberally him that you can almost taste his life experience, his thoughts, his likes and dislikes on your tongue,” wrote NME’s Tanu I. Raj.

In May, SHINee marked their 14th anniversary, and in April, leader Onew dropped a solo project of his own, the sophomore mini-album ‘Dice’.