Kevin Morby shares new standalone single ‘US Mail’

Kevin Morby has dropped a new standalone single, ‘US Mail’, as well as a live performance of the song.

Morby originally premiered the track in the encore of his ‘Sundowner’ album launch livestream last week.

Watch it below:


In a statement, Morby said the song was about a mother communicating with her daughter via the United States Postal Service from within an inpatient rehab facility.

“Restricted from any forms of electronic communication, the two must rely on postcards carried by the United States Postal Service to reach one another,” he explained.

Morby also encouraged fans to write him letters in order to support the postal service.

Kevin Morby Po Box
Kevin Morby’s PO Box.

“My PO Box is featured on the track artwork – please feel free to write me a letter and continue sending mail to your loved ones to support the USPS,” he said.


“Its service has been integral to my career and I have been passionate about both sending and receiving physical mail since I was a child. I will do my best to write you back, but even if I don’t, please know that your letters mean the world to me and that I read and cherish them all.”

Morby originally intended to record ‘US Mail’ in the studio while mixing ‘Sundowner’. However, his efforts were cut short by the coronavirus pandemic when lockdown came into effect.