Kate Hudson Says ‘It’s Hard to Get Male Movie Stars to Make Rom-Coms’

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The actress also discussed how writing is key to a classic romantic comedy during Thursday’s episode of The View

The legend of rom coms has spoken. Kate Hudson stopped by The View for Thursday’s episode to share her take on the genre and covered her keys to a classic romantic comedy.

“It’s hard to get male movie stars to make rom-coms,” Hudson said when discussing why How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days resonated with viewers over the last two decades. “As long as we can get more Marvel guys to like, you know, ‘Hey, come to a rom-com!,’ I think that that’s a big part of the formula too.”

When asked by co-host Sara Haines what the “misstep” was for male actors and romantic comedies, the actress replied, “I think it’s about the writing, and how we’re investing in telling the story of the writing and the directors.”

“If you look at the classic rom-coms or movies that last forever — ’cause they do, they’re the ones that last forever, people go back and back — they had the best writers,” she continued, highlighting the great writer-director Nora Ephron as an example.

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Hudson also pointed out that “there’s this sort of misconception that a rom-com is supposed to have a certain formula.” While she admitted there is a “formula that works,” she emphasized that the film starts with the writing. “We went through multiple writers on that,” she said of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. “We really made sure we had a great foundation of a script. And then the cast.”


“I’m going to do a master class on rom coms,” she quipped.

Matthew McConaughey, who starred in the film alongside Hudson, previously praised the actress and acknowledged how the chemistry between leads is crucial to any rom com’s success. “She had a lot of rock n’ roll and I did too, the way we would parry with each other really worked in that film,” said McConaughey.