Kanye West is reportedly planning on releasing a playlist of “forgotten tracks”

Kanye West is reportedly planning on putting out a playlist made up of “forgotten tracks”.

The rapper and producer’s most recent release was last month’s ‘DONDA‘, his long-awaited 10th studio album. While it was already a blockbuster affair packed with 27 tracks, there have been reports that there was a lot more music made for it.

Both Chris Brown and Soulja Boy revealed that West asked them to work on ‘DONDA’, yet never included their contributions. There’s also ‘Life Of The Party’ featuring Andre 3000, a track that the OutKast rapper confirmed was meant for the project, after it was leaked by Drake during a radio appearance.


Now, according to Nikolai Skrobat, a sound engineer for West, the ‘Jesus Walks’ rapper is working on a playlist that might feature some unreleased material from ‘DONDA’.

“Actually this album is not finished yet,” Skrobat said in a statement shared by a Kanye West fan account on Twitter. “That is, it came out, but it is quite possible that after some time we will hear a different sound, options. themes, films.

He continued: “Now ‘Donda’ is out, and I’m working on his old tracks, because West wanted to go through all the archive and make a playlist of forgotten tracks. There are a lot of them. Therefore, in the near future I will work in this direction.”

You can see the tweet below:

Whether the aforementioned tracks with Brown, Soulja Boy and Andre 3000 will feature is not yet known. West has not confirmed the playlist or what will be included.


Earlier this month, Todd Rundgren vented his frustration over working with Kanye West on ‘DONDA’.

According to Rundgren he contributed to the record over a year and amassed “three albums worth of Kanye stems on my computer.”

“I didn’t mind working on his gospel stuff. If you want to sing about Jesus, go ahead, I don’t care. I’ll help ya do it, you know? If you want to sing about your troubles with your wife, go ahead and do it. I don’t care,” he told Ultimate Classic Rock of the early sessions.

But over time Rundgren said he grew frustrated with West. “When it got into the homestretch in July, I just said, ‘That’s enough for me. I have no idea whether any of this is being used.’ You don’t get much feedback from him regarding what it is,” he said.

“If I can contribute something, fine. If I can’t, just let me know. I’m out of here… There is a possibility that I’m actually in there somewhere. There’s so much junk in that record!”

Meanwhile, West recently shared a film clip for ‘Donda Chant’, the opening track to ‘DONDA’.