Kali Uchis: “Moonlight”

Kali Uchis operates under the pleasure principle, her songs conveying the beauties of life through precious platitudes—“after the storm’s when the flowers bloom,” “I wish you roses while you can still smell them.” “Moonlight,” the latest single from her upcoming album Red Moon in Venus—modeled after the extremely Cancer idea that “the blood moon can send your emotions into a spin”—follows in this tradition. On it, she turns her attention to the bliss of shared vibes with a lover: “I just wanna ride/Get high in the moonlight,” she coos, a prettified version of the classic catchphrase “this and a blunt.” The track transports us to that space of fleeting delight: It starts with a snare hit and glittering, orchestral tremolo before plunging into a reverb-soaked groove. In her breathy falsetto, Uchis’ floats between lines in both English and Spanish as she expresses an uncomplicated satisfaction. Much like smoking with someone you love, the song is a simple experience that feels sublime.