KAIS Shares A Transcendental, Timeless Piece Titled “Willow”

Canada-based singer-songwriter KAIS just came out with a brand new track that will have you deep in thought. “Willow” speaks to the painful human existence, especially one that feels betrayed and alone. KAIS gave an interview following the release of the song, in which he spoke about the experience: “‘Willow’ speaks of the loss of vital life force that ensues when betrayal takes hold in relationships. One feels conquered by the crushing weight of misalignment between word and action and is unwillingly cast into the disorienting vastness of mental solitude. Predictably, I wrote this song when I felt betrayed by someone I loved. That betrayal felt so profound that I almost thought I was tricked by the devil.”
“Willow” is a short composition, and yet it manages to transmit the entirety of the artist’s pain to the listener, somehow making it their own. Perhaps, that is exactly what great art does, which is why one cannot help but appreciate it. Check out more songs by KAIS on Spotify