Jxdn ‘Went to Hell and Back’ and Now Has an Album to Prove It

Jxdn has had a lot of time for introspection — and he’s ready to give fans a look inside his mind.

As he released his single “What the Hell” on Friday, Jxdn (real name Jaden Hossler) announced that he’ll release his sophomore, 17-track album When the Music Stops on June 28 via Travis Barker‘s DTA Records.

“What do I hear when the music stops? I heard silence like I had never heard before,” he said in a press release about the album. “I heard an emptiness that overtook me. I missed the music of my life, I missed the safety it gave me. I had lost my love for the feeling. I went to hell and back since my last album.”

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“I questioned myself, I questioned my music, and I questioned life and its purpose,” he added. “And through all that, I heard faint sounds ever so often that resembled a beautiful melody. They guided me through the silence back to the place I call home — the music. Keep listening, Keep holding on to tomorrow. Especially when you don’t hear anything anymore. Especially when the music stops. This one’s for you. This one’s for us.”

The album — co-produced by Barker and Andrew Goldstein — includes the LP’s previously-released title track, along with songs such as “Wet Dream (It’s You),” “It Must Suck to Know You,” and “Drugs.”

The video for “What the Hell,” which dropped with the single Friday, sees Jxdn wearing a flannel and shorts, alongside his band in the middle of a forest. In the lyrics, he overthinks his actions in a relationship as he sings and repeats in the chorus, “What the hell did I do now?”

The new album will arrive a year after Jxdn told fans that he would step away from the spotlight to seek treatment for his mental health issues following some “excruciating lows” in the past year, including the death of his good friend Cooper Noriega. “I am trusting my gut that this will put me in the best possible position to be who I want to be, feel how I want to feel, and go where I want to go,” he wrote in a post at the time.


The LP is a followup to his debut LP Tell Me About Tomorrow, which dropped in 2021. He also released a trio of standalone singles last year: “Chrome-Hearted,” “Elevated Heartbreak,” and “Romantic Homicide,” a cover of the song by D4vd.

Jxdn’s When the Music Stops Track List

1. “Lost Angel Interlude”
2. “Candles”
3. “Stray”
4. “Sad October”
5. “What The Hell”
6. “It Must Suck To Know You”
7. “Sh!t”
8. “Empty Rooms”
9. “What Can I Say”
10. “Stranger”
11. “Just Let Go”
12. “Wreck Me”
13. “You Need Someone I Just Happened To Be There”
14. “How Far”
15. “Wet Dream (It’s You)”
16. “Drugs”
17. “When The Music Stops”