Just.InTime Is Simply A Natural – New Tracks: “Choices” & “Prodigal”

Emerging Hip-Hop artist Just.InTime is simply a natural, as heard on his two brand new tracks; the urban bangers titled “Choices” and “Prodigal,” following-up on his previous success gained with the tracks “GODSPEED” and “LogOfUroWn,” “Owner” and “deadawayfromYOU.”

His powerful rapping and uniquely mixed music sees the rapper unveil one of his most powerful performances of the past few years, dealing with his profound emotions in a powerful manner. 

The American artist is known for his sophisticated blend between Hip-Hop and pop, but also for his lyrical depth which he often uses to reveal his most personal life experiences.

Inspiring, empowering and full of hope, Just.InTime’s messages have been seducing listeners and he is clearly not planning on stopping his rise in the near future. Expect big things coming from this artist in 2023.