Jordan Klepper Questions MAGA Supporters Outside Donald Trump’s Trial on ‘The Daily Show’

Late-Night TV

The small group of Trump fans claim to be peacefully protesting, unlike on Jan. 6

Jordan Klepper visited a group of MAGA supporters protesting Donald Trump‘s current criminal trial for the most recent episode of The Daily Show. The late-night correspondent interviewed several people outside the courthouse in New York City, including one who confirmed that Trump supporters are “calm, peaceful protestors.”

In the clip, Klepper inquires whether they plan to replicate Jan. 6. “No,” one woman confirms. “I was there Jan. 6. It was breached before we even got there.” She also encouraged Klepper to watch America’s Most Wanted, on which she “made a grand appearance.” The other interviewees are similarly perplexing.

Later in the segment, Klepper spoke to Andrew Giuliani, Rudy Giulinai’s son, who recalled Trump talking about “peacefully protesting” on Jan. 6 despite his own father calling for “trial by combat.”

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Trump is on trial in New York County Supreme Court on Monday in the nation’s first criminal trial of a sitting of a former president. Trump pleaded not guilty to a 34-count felony indictment last year that alleged the former president falsified business records in New York to hide damaging information in the weeks preceding the 2016 presidential election.


Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought forth the charges, alleging Trump conspired to illegally influence the election by attempting to hide hush-money payments made to two women who claimed they had sexual encounters with him. While Trump has called the indictment “political persecution,” jury selection began on Monday, over a year after the charges were first brought against him. 

The trial is expected to last six to eight weeks. The decision could have major ramifications for the 2024 presidential election, as polls have consistently demonstrated that a criminal conviction could torpedo Trump’s chances.