Jonni Apollo Dedicates His New Release “Afieroméni Stin” To His Daughter And Dedicates Himself To Changing The Rap Game Forever

Breaking stereotypes is nothing new for the L.A based artist Jonni Apollo. With his not standard to genre looks, voice, and manners, the artist shifts the rap game by 180 degrees. Jonni’s latest release, “Afieroméni Stin,” meaning dedicated to, is dedicated to his daughter Zara Jeanne whose existence and love helped him overcome all the obstacles and struggles he had to face in life. The artist owns his challenge to devote himself to breaking the hip-hop and particularly rap stereotypes with this track. 

Jonni masterfully incorporates biographical elements into his art and creates a vital context for the song. His fast speed flow rapping manner hypnotizes and holds the attention while your brain starts to digest the universal language of authenticity that the artist uses. His detailed approach speaks for itself as the song flows flawlessly and bursts with the ambition of a winner.  

 With “Afieroméni Stin,” Jonni opens his heart to you and exposes you to his depths while at the same time helping you meet your own depths, the existence of which you never knew existed. His straight-forward approach is heart stealing and heartbreaking. The artist makes his soul an open book and invites you to read it. “Afieroméni Stin” is the boldest and most sincere music you’ll have a chance to hear for quite a time.