Jonathan Majors: Opening Statements Begin in Domestic Violence Trial

Opening statements in Jonathan Majors’ criminal domestic violence trial began Monday morning, with prosecutors claiming that Majors used physical violence to manipulate, control and physically hurt his former girlfriend, who he allegedly attacked in March in New York. 

Prosecutor Michael Perez mentioned three previous instances in 2022 where Majors allegedly intimidated and attempted to control his girlfriend of two years, Grace Jabbari — who he met on the set of Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania — by throwing objects around their house, chastising Jabbari and saying he expected her to hold herself to the standard of Michelle Obama and Coretta Scott King. Perez also said that Majors claimed to Jabbari that he would take his own life after becoming upset with her. 

Perez told six jurors the DA’s office intended to show ample evidence that Majors twisted Jabbari’s arm and crushed her finger before striking her across the head when she witnessed him receive an intimate text from a woman named Cleopatra, before grabbing her and throwing her “like a football” into a car on the night of the alleged attack. 

Majors, who has maintained his innocence since his March arrest, faces up to a year in prison if convicted on misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment for allegedly attacking Jabbari in New York. The Creed III and Lovecraft Country star arrived at Manhattan criminal court hand-in-hand with current girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, flanked by several family members and friends. He carried his Bible, a hefty case binder and a small brown mug. Once inside the courtroom, Majors approached his loved ones, giving everyone a kiss on the cheek. 

Shortly before opening statements, Jabbari entered the courtroom, joined by a family member and friend. Due to the temporary restraining order instated against Majors, this is likely the first time either has seen each other since Majors’ March arrest. 

Majors’ trial started last Wednesday with jury selection. Originally, Majors was charged with eight misdemeanors but on Monday, the District Attorney’s office agreed to merge separate counts referring to Jabbari’s various injuries into three total counts pertaining to intentional assault, reckless assault and aggravated harassment. 

The trial could stretch at least two weeks, an anomaly for misdemeanor cases, which usually don’t result in a full-blown jury trial. The DA’s office plans to bring more than a dozen witnesses and has said it needs six days to present its case. Majors’ attorney Priya Chaudhry said the defense also “intends to put on a case.” While Jabbari is expected to return to New York from London to testify, Majors’ team has not indicated if the actor will take the stand. 

Jabbari claimed that after she attempted to grab Majors’ phone, he allegedly twisted her arm and struck her before exiting the car. Jabbari attempted to follow Majors, who allegedly grabbed and threw her into the car. As a result, Jabbari “sustained substantial pain, including a fractured finger, bruising about her body, a laceration behind her right ear, and a bump on her head,” according to court documents. The following morning, Majors was arrested when he returned home to allegedly find Jabbari unresponsive and called police. 

Majors’ team plans on presenting a starkly different account, claiming Majors was the one who was attacked, claiming Jabbari hit and scratched him during the fight, leaving him bloody. In June, he filed a counter police report against Jabbari. (The DA’s office declined to press charges and sealed the case.) 

Rolling Stone previously reported that prosecutors obtained testimonies from several women who previously dated Majors, who have alleged Majors was physically and/or emotionally abusive to them during their relationships. In June, Rolling Stone spoke with a dozen sources who claimed Majors had a history of domestic violence and was emotionally abusive with two previous romantic partners. Majors allegedly strangled one woman he was dating, and the second woman allegedly told friends there were moments of “near violence”, where Majors would “get filled with rage” and “hit something or punch a wall.” (Majors denied that he was ever abusive in any relationships.)

Prosecutors also noted in a past filing it obtained a police report regarding Jabbari and a September 2022 incident in London that resulted in her receiving medical care. There were also “voice recordings,” photos, and texts containing references to “punching,” “physical pain” and “medical treatment,” prosecutors listed as potential evidence in the September 2022 incident. Earlier this month, London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed to Rolling Stone that there is an ongoing investigation into the incident that included allegations of “physical assaults.” 


Before his March arrest, Majors was on track to have his biggest year yet, with the successful box office performances of Creed III and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, before his buzz-worthy performance of Magazine Dreams was supposed to hit theaters this month. However, he was quickly dropped from his management and publicists in the wake of the accusations, and Searchlight Pictures indefinitely postponed the release of Magazine Dreams, a film about a bodybuilder with violent fantasies. 

All that seems to be left on Majors’ calling card is Marvel, who was planning on centering the next edition of the franchise on his character, the multiverse villain Kang the Conqueror, starting with Avengers: The Kang Dynasty in 2026. Majors’ character already played a significant role in  Ant-Man and both seasons of Loki. However in November, Variety reported that Marvel executives were rethinking Majors’ place within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, weighing whether it would be good to recast the role or pivot to another villain.