fans have achieved zen-like levels of patience, having been left wondering when and if the New York lyricist would ever return in proper solo fashion. It’s been three years since his last album All Amerikkkan Bada$$, and though he did play a prominent role on Beast Coast’s 2019 compilation Escape From New York, many have been eager to see what he brings to the table on his next release. And if Joey’s strange and amusing Twitter rant is to be believed, the time is nearly upon us.

Joey Bada$$ Vows New Music While Taking Jab At "Rainbow Boy"

 Jason Kempin/Getty Images

“NEW MUSIC IS CUMMIN SO FCKIN SOON MY DICK IS HARD,” he writes, taking a moment to get pornographic with his analogies. “THIS IS NOT A HACK. DROPPING MUSIC IS LIKE CUMMIN AND I HAVENT FUCKED IN SO LONG. Okay maybe it be less dramatic if I compare it to tears?? I haven’t cried in so long dawg, I just wanna cry Loudly.” Well, that’s one way to put it. 

“Just to think I had a whole child (who is now 2 years old) since I dropped new music, reflects Badmon, putting the timeline in startling perspective. “Just to think I haven’t dropped new music since the duration of rainbow boy’s career,” he continues, alluding the infamous — the same person who has never quite stopped laying claim to the New York throne.

Toning down the antics for a moment, he goes on to make his fans a sincere promise. “I’m planning something special for y’all real real soon that will be so worth the wait,” he confirms. “Until then I’m plotting on these rental properties. Y’all stay healthy and blessed. Good day.” All things considered, are you excited to see what Joey has been cooking up?