Jim Legxacy: “Old Place”

Jim Legxacy’s music is like the recommended songs in your YouTube sidebar all jumbled together. On his latest track, “Old Place,” the London singer-producer works from a familiar template: a guitar lick that wouldn’t sound out of place on an American Football album, a thumping Jersey club beat, and some drill samples, all guided by Legxacy’s floaty, imploring vocals. Conflicted romance is a standard theme of his songs, and “Old Place” is no different: “We used to feel rest in each other’s presence/But now we wait on karma to strike each other,” he croons. As he contemplates letting an ex-lover reclaim their spot beside him, sampled vocals from Harlem Spartans’ 2018 hit “Grip & Ride” cut in, providing a flash of violence: “If we turn up now, weapons out/are you gonna back your….” It’s a glimpse of uncertainty and minor hope, as weightless as a daydream.