Jersey Interchange punk covers comp released ft. tributes to Dave Franklin & Jack Terricloth

During quarantine, NJ’s Christian Lesperance spearheaded a NJ punk covers project called Jersey Interchange, which featured tons of musicians from all throughout NJ punk history covering other NJ punk musicians. The project continued even after lockdown ended, and now there’s a vinyl and digital Jersey Interchange LP called C1 out today via Sinking Ship Records (order yours). It includes a mix of previously-released songs and new ones that are exclusive to this comp, including Chris Gethard and members of The Ergs!, Folly, Shades Apart, Senses Fail, Midtown, Paulson, Bigwig, Break Away, and more covering songs by The Ergs!, Bigwig, Shades Apart, Atom and His Package, Weston, and more, and it’s got Vision and Sticks In Stones covers in tribute to the late Dave Franklin and Jack Terricloth, respectively. Speaking about the project, Christian says:

Seeing Jersey Interchange evolve from a passion project into a full-fledged “pandemic emotional rescue” for so many people was very heartening for me, and to see it now take shape as a vinyl release is something I’m extremely proud of. I can’t thank enough the dozens of artists and collaborators that helped me on this journey without any expectations in return. It truly was a DIY-style undertaking through and through, and I believe that the album represents the values we all held back in the ’90s and ’00s going to shows and singing along with our favorite bands.

We also spoke to everyone involved with the Vision cover about paying tribute to Dave Franklin:

Christian Lesperance of Jersey Interchange – Guitar
Getting everyone together for this track was a special experience for me, not only because they are all musicians I look up to, but also because the song means so much to us. I remember going to Vision shows as a youngster and feeling the energy of everyone in the room singing/shouting along with Dave. I felt that same energy listening to the stories these guys told about their friend, and even more so when we got the final mix of the song back. It is so big, and so perfect for this tribute to a New Jersey hardcore icon, Dave Franklin.

Alf Bartone of Ex Number Five and The Fire Still Burns – Vocals
Singing for Ex Number Five really put me in the right place & right time. I witnessed so many incredible NJ bands and met so many people that would remain some of my best friends today, including the members of my favorite hardcore band, Vision. When I was asked if I would contribute vocals to this track, which I then found was recorded by members of some of my other favorite NJ bands, former bandmates & long-time friends I met in the music scene, there was no way I could say no. After all, I’d be singing the same lyrics I’ve sung hundreds of times before as a fan, whilst climbing on top of the crowd and reaching for Dave Franklin’s microphone at any of the numerous VISION shows I’ve seen over the years.

Ed Brown of Shades Apart – Drums
My first big-kid sleepover at Dave Franklin’s house was in 3rd grade. We had a long and awesome friendship, and every minute was the best. I’ve known Matt (Riga of Vision) almost as long, and Pete (Tabbot of Vision) since our late teens. Kevin (Lynch of Shades Apart) told me that Jersey Interchange was doing a cover of a Vision song, so I elbowed my way on board. I’m super proud of how this project turned out. Every time I hear at the end “that was deece bud”, it makes me smile. Glad to be part of this.

Dan Cav of Nine Lives & Absolution – Guitar
I was fortunate to have met Dave Franklin early in my punk rock journey when we were introduced to Neurotic Impulse and all those in their circle. Shortly thereafter Vision was formed, and it was hard to find them without Noside kids in tow. Vision was, for me (and many in our group), a direct influence in starting our own bands back then. I’ve been fortunate to have been present for all of Vision’s incarnations and have loved them all. More than music, I can’t overstate their importance in the life I have been lucky to lead. When I was asked to take part in covering The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say, I was honored and oddly nervous. I just wanted to do justice to a band that means so much to me. Coupled with getting to do this with family, life long friends and influences made it that much more special.

Mike Wolff of (Damn) This Desert Air – Guitar
What can I say other than it was an honor to pay tribute to Dave Franklin on this project. I remember first listening to Vision in the late 80s. We tracked Covid-style with a small amp in a bedroom closet. As we were running through it, all I could hear was Judas Priest guitars during the bridge, so Dan [Cav] and I laid it out that way. I still laugh every time I hear it. It was a lot of fun contributing and collaborating with long time friends and super talented musicians.

There’s also a Jersey Interchange album release show happening on May 13 at Twin Elephant Brewing in Chatham, NJ with Chris Gethard and a rotating cast of musicians from Catch 22, Lanemeyer, Vision, NJ Joystick, Avery, One Cool Guy, Taxicab Samurais, Right Turn Eddie, and more, plus special guests. Tickets are on sale now. More info on the flyer below.

Stream the full LP:

1. “Flavor Ice” by Heath Saraceno (Senses Fail, Midtown, Town Liar & Nowhere Fast)
Originally performed by Bigwig

2. “The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say” featuring Alf Bartone (Ex Number Five), Ed Brown & Kevin Lynch (Shades Apart), Dan Cav (Nine Lives) & Mike Wolff (Damn This Desert Air)
originally by Vision

3. “Punk Rock Academy” feat. Mikey Erg (The Ergs!, Early Riser, The Unlovables) and Alex Burton (Paulson)
Originally performed by Atom and His Package

4. “My Best Friends Live Inside My Head” featuring John Maiello (Dead Bars), Anthony Wille (Folly) & Joe Pulito (Break Away)
originally by Highstrung

5. “Drinking Alone” featuring Dave Flores (Taxicab Samurais) & Dan Pence (NJ Joystick)
originally by Douglas

6. “Fearless” feat. Craig Cirinelli (Damn This Desert Air), Justin Carter (The Holy Terror), Ti Kreck (Errortype:11) & John Stanley (For The Love Of)
Originally performed by Shades Apart

7. “Everything Falls Apart (And More)” feat. Shawn McGovern (The Youth Ahead) and Heath Saraceno (Midtown, Senses Fail, Town Liar)
Originally performed by The Ergs!

8. “Just Like Kurt” feat. Chris Gethard and Joe Pulito (Break Away)
Originally performed by Weston

9. “Cynical” feat. Shannon Perez & Kevin Poznanski (Erotic Novels) and Peter Tabbot (Paulson)
Originally performed by Sticks and Stones

10. “Pink (New Jersey’s Alright)” feat. Jon Tummillo (Folly), Patrick Tummillo (Right Turn Eddie) and Joe Pulito (Break Away)
originally by Mohawk Barbie and Fear

11. “Taxicab Samurais” feat. John Castaldo (Bigwig), Nick Afflitto and Mark Rendeiro (both of One Cool Guy)
originally by Taxicab Samurais

Jersey Interchange