Jedward say they’ve received death threats over anti-monarchy comments

Jedward have claimed to have received death threats after expressing a series of anti-monarchy views online in the wake of the Queen’s death.

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, died at her Balmoral estate last Thursday (September 8). She was 96 years old. Her eldest son, the former Prince of Wales, immediately became King Charles III.

Shortly after the Queen’s passing, Dublin-born pop duo Jedward – comprising twin brothers John and Edward Grimes – tweeted: “Abolish the monarchy and give the people real democracy!”

They’ve also posted the message “not my king” in regards to King Charles III’s ascension to the throne at the age of 73.

Another recent tweet read: “Hi Royalists – British Imperialism was the cause of the Irish famine and millions of deaths around the world. We mourn for them. Sincerely, Ireland.”

They added in a follow-up post: “Victims of colonisation are entitled to express how they feel! Beyond all the celebratory royal posts & propaganda the majority DGAF [don’t give a fuck].”

A separate message saw Jedward call for “freedom of speech” in response to a number of anti-monarchy protestors being arrested this week during the national period of mourning for the Queen.

“Solidarity to the protesters arrested!” the brothers wrote. “It’s your right to protest! We all stand with you. #NotMyKing.”

Additionally, Jedward have criticised the plans to close food banks on next Monday’s Bank Holiday (September 19), which will coincide with the late Queen’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey in London (via ITV News).

In another tweet, they commented: “It’s inhumane cancelling funerals and rescheduling cancer treatments due to the Queen’s funeral! No one should be treated as second class citizens!”.

Yesterday (September 13), Jedward claimed that some people who’ve been offended by their stance have been sending them death threats. In response, they wrote: “Your threatening behaviour and criminality will not intimidate us.”

Other recent posts from the duo have referred to how their home country “has been oppressed historically by the monarchy”. Jedward said: “Please study your History! We haven’t said anything but the facts! King Charles should hand back the six Irish counties on his visit to Northern Ireland – No war! Just words! It’s time.”

Elsewhere, they wrote: “People in denial about Britain’s Imperialist past need to get a grip. Change is hard when your education is a censored version of history.”

Jedward, who appeared on The X Factor in 2009 and represented Ireland at Eurovision 2011, have received a mixed reaction to their strong views on the Royal Family.

Meanwhile, many figures from the worlds of music, TV and film have been paying tribute to the late monarch on social media.

Queen Elizabeth II’s death has led to numerous events being postponed or cancelled, including BBC Radio 2’s Live In Leeds concert and London’s Overflo Festival.

Cinemas across the United Kingdom are set to either close or offer free screenings of the Queen’s funeral on Monday.