managed to find the perfect time to announce their brand new album, A Jagged Love Story.

One of the most storied music groups of all time, Jagged Edge, is fresh off the heels of their . The R&B veterans have been clowned for the quality of their audio after playing a number of their biggest hits of all time. Some have even said that it sounded like they were playing music through a walkie talkie.

and have announced  to use their provided technology to prevent any further technical difficulties on the series. Despite the shotty audio, Jagged Edge still found time to make a major announcement to their diehard fans.

“It’s coming,” wrote the band on social media, uncovering some cover artwork and effectively revealing their new album to the world. Titled A Jagged Love Story, the boys are back and they’re ready to drop their new body of work. According to the tracklist, the full-length will run over 22 songs and it will be released sometime next month.

After their appearance on Verzuz, are you pumped about the new album from Jagged Edge? Stay tuned because it’s set to arrive in June.