In the latest battle on Verzuz, and 112 faced off to determine who has the better hits catalog. Both groups have been prolific and their contributions to the R&B genre are second to none, so this was a battle that many nostalgic fans were . Unfortunately, it was plagued with audio issues and, although people were able to still enjoy themselves and celebrate the culture, jokes came flying once the stream ended.

Since the beginning of the Verzuz series, musicians have been experiencing technical difficulties galore. Perhaps things hit a peak during the face-off between Babyface and Teddy Riley, which needed to be restarted completely. Jagged Edge and 112’s battle wasn’t nearly as bad as that but they definitely could have found a better sound system — specifically on Jagged Edge’s side.

The majority of memes and jokes flying across social media are clowning Jagged Edge for seemingly playing their songs through a walkie talkie. While that much is a gag, the sound quality was not as pristine as we would have hoped. Perhaps this was the way things were always meant to be. After all, both groups were dominating music in the 90s and 00s, which puts us back in the dial-up era. Maybe they were just trying to mimic that era.

What did you think of the battle? Were you underwhelmed by the audio or did you make it through fine?