Jackson Wang drops sentimental acoustic version of ‘Drive You Home’

GOT7 singer-rapper Jackson Wang has released a touching acoustic version of his latest single, ‘Drive You Home’.

In the nearly-four-minute-long video, Wang is accompanied by a guitarist in a dimly-lit studio where he performs a sentimental rendition of the track. “Cause who’s gonna drive you home / When you’ve had a crazy day? / Who’s gonna dry your eyes / When your tears fall like the rain?” Wang cooed passionately on the refrain.


Released last month, ‘Drive You Home’ was a collaboration between Wang and the record-producer collective Internet Money. The singer had also dropped a live performance video of the original track earlier this week.

Wang had confirmed earlier this year that he is currently preparing to release two new albums – of which at least one is expected to drop sometime this year. The latest update on his upcoming projects from the GOT7 member came earlier this week, where he revealed he had prepared over 20 songs.

“Im not sleeping , im dealing with the mix for songs , too many songs. 20+ songs ,,, each one by one … , but im good, go to bed everyone, sleep tight and i miss u all,” he tweeted.

In an interview last month, Wang opened up about his hectic work schedule and what motivated him to keep working hard. “You know why [I’m a busy man]? Because I’m not the best, I’m still working my ass off to become the best, to become someone there,” the singer explained.