just can’t get a break, even when he’s trying to give others one. Whenever he makes the news, s and this time isn’t an exception. The rapper took to social media to promote Value Tax, a tax company that he owns. “IT’S TAX SEASON!!! It’s simple walk in let us do your taxes, walk out with cash in hand… we also do credit repair!!!” Ja wrote in a since-deleted tweet. There’s still a flyer on his Instagram page posted but the world of Twitter, as ruthless as it is, did not let Ja have this one.

C. However, he insisted that he isn’t the person who actually does the taxes, it’s his employees. To which I say, Thank you, Ja. We really appreciate the transparency. 

Everything that’s funny ain’t a joke value tax over 40 locations Ja Rule BEEN DOING YA’LL TAXES FOR YEARS!!!” He wrote on Twitter. “All y’all thinking y’all gonna be stars better go learn how to diversify your portfolio…”

So, not to bring up, old sh*t, but it was previously reported in April 2019 . If true, perhaps Ja Rule isn’t the person to be getting tax advice from, after all.