J $pice Demands That People Who Don’t Know How To Piece-Up Their Clothes Simply “Stop It”

J $pice is an up-and-coming rapper-songwriter based in Inglewoods, CA, who just dropped “Stop It.” With a confidence and assuredness in his sound and style, this creative and fun joint will surely open up many new doors for $pice and bring him well-deserved recognition in the game.  “Stop It” is the ultimate rap banger, while the rapper talks about his negative opinions regarding people who don’t know how to piece up their clothes, and think that buying expensive clothes is enough to call it ‘a style’. His clear and non-nuanced feelings about the topic is presented through this top notch production, a joint most of us can relate to, and with J $pice’s smooth vocals paired with the song’s catchy beat, you’ll be listening to this track on repeat.