It’s an Album! Lady Gaga Has Given Birth to Chromatica

Congratulations to Lady Gaga! The pop star has officially given birth to her sixth album, Chromatica, over a year after announcing she was pregnant with LG6. And what a journey it’s been, from unhinged tweets to a pandemic-related delay to leaks. Lots and lots of leaks. But hey hackers, you can’t leak an album that’s already out! Gaga’s first album since her Oscar–nominated performance in A Star Is Born, Chromatica leaves behind the Americana influences of that film and last album Joanne for the dance-pop that built her career. (How convenient for clubs to be closed, right?) The record has 16 songs, including first single “Stupid Love” and three interludes called “Chromatica.” It also features three collaborations: “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande, “Sour Candy” with Blackpink, and “Sine From Above” with Elton John. Move the couches — it’s time for a living room dance party.