Incredible Jazz Album ‘Nowhere But Here II’ From Brian Ligon

Multi-instrumentalist and innovative jazz artist Brian Ligon keeps bringing the best of his music to large audiences across the nation. His recent album Nowhere But Here II has become a staple, and there is no denying how truly creative the collection is. Opening with stellar “Bad” which feels like an invitation to live life to the fullest and notice all the wonders around us, the album dives deeper into the meaning of its title, deeply grounding the listener in the “here and now”. “Carnival” seems to be inspired by cosmos-themed synths and mysterious piano melody reminiscent of the much-loved 80’s pop/jazz music, while “2040” has this menacing, almost ominous aura to it as if warning us of what the future might hold if we continue as we are. But there is hope, as always, and it comes just at the right time: “The Funk” completes Nowhere But Here II on a high note and it’s impossible not to nod your head in the enjoyment of the uncanny yet fun music!

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