‘Immortality’ creator drops mysterious teasers for two new games

Half Mermaid Productions, the developer behind Immortality, has announced two new titles through mysterious teasers on Steam.

Sam Barlow, the head of Half Mermaid Productions, announced two new games yesterday, with both Steam pages featuring heavily redacted descriptions of what they feature and a release date that is planned to be announced (with no real indication of when that announcement might happen).

The first of the games, Project D, is described as a “survival horror” game, with the description featuring the following key words: “Project D”, “survival horror, “Sam Barlow, “Half Mermaid”, “1983”, “be careful” and “nightmare”.

Immortality. Credit: Half Mermaid.
Immortality. Credit: Half Mermaid.

The genre for the other game, Project C, is unknown, but a bible verse from Corinthians is quoted in the description for the game.

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known,” the verse reads.

The title will also do something for the “first time ever in a video game” while also being “cinematic”, akin to Half Mermaid Productions previous releases such as Immortality and Telling Lies.

In a five-star review of Half Mermaid Studio’s last game, Immortality, NME’s Alan Wen shared that it delivers “movie magic”.

He continued: “By uncovering the mystery of Marissa Marcel through the very visual language of cinema with both intuitive and tactile controls, Immortality raises a new high bar on what’s possible with video and game mechanics. Anchored by its cast’s stellar performances, a script and production that perfectly captures the film genres and eras depicted, this is an arthouse masterpiece destined for, well, immortality,” our reviewer wrote.


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