Ice Spice goes viral with funny new song teaser, produced by RiotUSA

Ice Spice has shared a teaser of a new song on Instagram that has since gone viral.

Last night (January 7), the 24-year-old unveiled the introduction to an unreleased song produced by longtime collaborator and friend RiotUSA, who also produced her breakout songs ‘Munch’, ‘Bikini Bottom’ and more. In the audio, you can hear Ice Spice say “Fuck am I going to say in the intro? You want me to say something so bad.”

She then rapped: “Think you the shit, bitch / You not even the fart / I be going hard / I’m breaking they hearts, like / Bitches be quick but I’m quicker / Bitches be thick but I’m thicker / She could be rich but I’m richer (damn).”


The audio came accompanied by picture of the iconic Nintendo character Super Mario smoking alongside the caption “Bitches be thinking they the shit, but they ain’t even the fart”.

Fans commented under the post to share their love of the teaser. One wrote: “Ice Spice is in her shitposting era and I love it.”

Another joked that they thought her Instagram page “was one of the 800 meme pages [they] follow” while another said the teaser proved “why Ice Spice is the greatest rapper of all time.”

Allegedly, the snippet was done in response to a preview fellow rap star Latto shared moments prior. According to AllHipHop, the Georgia rapper called out an unnamed foe to “go one-on-one” with her in a new TikTok and had the music video for Spice’s ‘Pretty Girl’ on in the background. This led fans to speculate that she is indirectly referring to the ‘Deli’ star.


The unreleased song has the same comedic tone as the aforementioned ‘Bikini Bottom’, which sampled the theme song for the beloved children’s animated show Spongebob Squarepants. In a 2023 Breakout interview with NME, Spice spoke about the show, saying: “I feel like everyone born in the 2000s references Spongebob a lot. He’s an icon. My favourite episode is ‘Rock Bottom’.”

Last year, the Bronx rapper rose to mainstream acclaim after she scored four Billboard Top 10 hits with PinkPantheress, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj. Spice joined forces with the latter on the now Grammy-nominated single ‘Barbie World’, which featured on the highly-acclaimed soundtrack for Barbie, ‘Barbie: The Album’. The last single Ice Spice released was ‘Pretty Girl’ with self-described “afro-rave” star Rema last October.

In January 2020, she dropped her debut EP ‘Like.. ?’, on which NME hailed the rapper appearing “unbothered about chasing clout or fans – she knows they’ll come around eventually anyway.”

Elsewhere, the music video for ‘Boy’s A Liar, Pt. 2’ – Spice’s popular collaboration with PinkPantheress – was the fourth most watched music video on YouTube in the UK last year.