HYBE Labels and DC Comics to collaborate with Naver Webtoon

South Korean entertainment agency HYBE and DC Comics will be partnering with Naver Webtoon to create upcoming original content.

On August 18, Naver Webtoon announced new partnerships with BTS’ agency HYBE and DC Comics as part of its “super casting” initiative. According to Variety, the mobile-driven web-comic platform aims to create new original content using externally-sourced intellectual property.

In this instance, comics based on artists under HYBE Labels and existing DC universe characters can be expected. Naver has also shared that the forthcoming content “will appeal to all fans, without the need to know or read any previous stories”.


Webtoon CEO Kim Jun-koo also commented that the new partnerships would be “synergistic”, combining the international popularity of both companies along with Naver’s leading expertise in content creation.

Established in 2014, Naver Webtoon is a free-to-download mobile web-comic platform. It distributes both user-generated and professional content, currently boasting approximately six million creators.

Several comics published on the platform have also been adapted into popular television dramas, such as Sweet Home, Gangnam Beauty, and the currently-airing Nevertheless.

Naver Webtoon previously collaborated with K-pop superstars BTS back in 2019, when they published the fantasy comic ‘The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.0: Save Me’. Starring characters based off the members of BTS, the collaboration between HYBE (then known as Big Hit Entertainment) and artist LICO comprised 15 chapters set in the “BTS Universe” established in the boyband’s earlier music videos.

The upcoming collaboration is expected to be on a much larger scale, with HYBE now housing artists such as TXT, ENHYPEN, Zico, SEVENTEEN, and more under its subsidiary labels. While exact details have not been announced yet, Webtoon has revealed its intention to create stories related to various artists under the agency.