Huizit: “Chilldo Cycling Club”

Founded to bridge the gender gap in China’s male-dominated underground club scene, the Shanghai-based party series Scandal launched its own label last year. While its first compilation, Alexithymia, featured vigorous cuts of techno, acid, and jungle from eight local female producers, the label’s second compilation, Shanghai Dreams, veers toward airier deconstructed club music. One of the most compelling tracks comes from Huizit, a Chengdu-based producer and co-founder of the local queer party series Chilldo. On “Chilldo Cycling Club,” beads of pearly synths cascade across empty space, joined by oscillating pulses and dreamy washes of atmosphere. But the curtains are suddenly yanked down, and it’s as if you’re being engulfed in a dark and messy crowd, subjected to a taut, punishing bassline, incessant claps, and sound effects like shattered glass. Cue the idle chitchat of the dancefloor, a passing “welcome to Chengdu,” and hearty laughter as Huizit pulls you into the sweaty, rumbling center of a queer party.