Hitchin’ It To Heaven Is An Album Worth Discovering: Dean The Dream

Reviving the punk rock and psychedelic rock scene with a modern take on life as it is, Dean The Dream’s newest album is essentially a must-hear. Hitchin’ It To Heaven demonstrates a soulful performance and enchanting vocals that take the listener immediately into the 1960’s and 70’s, when the genre was so popular, producing legends such as The Doors, Iron Butterfly, Blue Cheer, and so on. 

“Goodbye, Danny”, the lead single of this collection, is an exceptional piece. As listeners go through the tracks, “Goodbye, Danny” will make them stay! Emotional at its core and yet transcendental, as if smiling in the face of sadness, this song takes up a multitude of colors and shades, truly bringing back the best of the genre.

Dean The Dream is the musical-project of Detroit-born poet Brendan Alpiner, whose mission is to imagine psychedelic rock for the new generation. Dean The Dream’s ever-growing portfolio includes a debut album called Pink Sun, a nine track collection that came out in 2021, as well as a handful of singles like “Four Roses,” “Misery ‘N,” “Changes,” and more. 

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