High Fidelity Showcases Incredible Talent In New Album The Aftermath

Exploring the most exquisite soundscapes we’ve heard in a while is a unique artist that goes by the stage name High Fidelity. Sharing his fifth album to date called The Aftermath, High Fidelity shares wondrous instrumentals that one cannot help but fall in love with including tracks like “Delusions of Grandeur”, “Crypt City”, and “Winds”.

High Fidelity has composed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered all songs on the album on his own. An incredible achievement and certainly a sign of diligence, this process was not exempt from challenges. “The most challenging aspect was creating my style of dark, brooding music. I wanted to be as musically complex as I could be, without being off-putting to a wide audience. Further challenges included technical aspects of the mixing and mastering process, which was a matter of experimentation until I found a “vibe” that I felt was fitting to the theme of the album,” he said in an interview.

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