Here’s your first look at Disney+’s new K-drama, ‘Blood Free’

Disney+ has released the first teaser trailer for its upcoming original K-drama series, Blood Free, starring Ju Ji-hoon and Han Hyo-joo. Read on for everything you need to know about the show.

What is the plot of Blood Free?

Blood Free is set in a future where humans no longer consume natural animal meat. The world is dominated by biotechnology company BF Group , which controls the market for artificially cultured meat. However, sceptics of the company – both internally and externally – begin to emerge, throwing it into turmoil.

Who is in the cast of the new Disney+ K-drama?

Kingdom’s Ju Ji-hoon stars in the series as Woo Chae-woon, a former soldier-turned-bodyguard who graduated from the elite naval academy, while Han Hyo-joo (Happiness) plays Yoon Ja-yu, the CEO and co-founder of BF Group.


Other cast members of Blood Free include Lee Moo-saeng as BF Group co-founder On San, Badland Hunters actor Lee Hee-joon as the prime minister and Hospital Playlist‘s Park Ji-yeon as an employee of BF Group.

Is there a trailer for Blood Free?

The first teaser trailer for Blood Free was released by Disney+ on March 14. It opens with a scientist talking about how humans “must free ourselves from the food chain” in order to become perfect.

The teaser then dives into how a “new generation of lab-grown meat” kickstarts a deadly game of corporate and political intrigue, featuring scenes of explosions, gun fights and more.

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How to watch Blood Free?

Blood Free will premiere exclusively on Disney+ in the regions where the streaming service is available. In the US, the series will likely be available on Hulu, as with most other Disney+ original K-drama productions.

What else should I know about Blood Free?


The Disney+ series was first announced in February 2024, when the streaming platform announced its upcoming slate of original K-dramas for the year. Other series in the line-up include The Tyrant, Gangnam B-Side, Uncle Samsik and more.