Here’s Metallica’s James Hetfield covering Seal’s ‘Kiss From A Rose’, thanks to AI

An AI generator has come up with a cover version of Seal‘s ‘Kiss From A Rose’, covered by Metallica frontman James Hetfield.

In recent months, a whole host of artificially generated cover versions have been shared online, seeing famous artists cover hit songs not in their traditional wheelhouse.

Recently, we’ve been treated to The Beatles ‘covering’ The Beach Boys and a controversial ‘cover’ of Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin’ by Kurt Cobain.


The ‘Kiss From A Rose’ cover with vocals from Hetfield is as unexpected as it sounds, and sees Seal’s soulful voice replaced by Hetfield’s trademark bark.

Hear the AI creation below.

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The most infamous AI-created music to come out so far, though, is an AI-generated “lost” Oasis album that was released earlier this year.

The eight-track ‘AISIS’ album was developed by indie band Breezer, who created their own tracks over lockdown before adding an AI take of Liam Gallagher’s vocals over the top.

Described as an “alternate reality concept album”, it came about after the band got “bored of waiting for Oasis to reform.”


Responding to the record, Liam took to Twitter to confirm he’d listened to a couple of the tracks and they were “better than all the other snizzle out there.” He went on to call the project “mad as fuck” before adding that his AI vocals sounded “mega”.

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Speaking to NME as part of the ongoing In Conversation series (watch above), Noel Gallagher then had his say on the AI-generated album.

“These fucking idiots have clearly got too much time on their hands and too much money that they can afford the technology to fucking piss around doing that for a laugh,” said Noel before revealing that he was “saving up for the technology myself.”

“Then I’m just gonna dial it in to some computer and fucking churn it out when I’m 73. I’ll have 140 albums to go after I’m fucking dead to keep my kids in choc ices and fucking weed.”