Hear XG’s remix of ‘Left Right’ with Ciara and Jackson Wang

Girl group XG have dropped a new remix of their hit song ‘Left Right’ featuring Ciara and GOT7 singer Jackson Wang.

On May 4, XG unveiled a reworked version of ‘Left Right’ on streaming platforms. The remix of the song, which was originally released in January 2022 alongside lead single ‘Shooting Star’, now opens with a new verse by Ciara. Meanwhile, Wang sings the beginning of its second verse.

Backseat of the range, we just might pull over / XG light a flame, you know it’s over / Left right a foreign / And you know I got ’em / Six speed I floor it / Fast lane, body fire like propane,” sings Ciara on the ‘Left Right’ remix.


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Ciara and Wang’s remix comes just weeks after the pair performed a cover of ‘Left Right’ at Coachella during the latter’s set. They also followed the performance with a snippet of their collaborative track ‘Slow’, which was released several days later.

The new ‘Left Right’ rework also comes a month after XG released their last remix, which had been the ‘BARS REMIXX’ of their January single ‘Shooting Star’ featuring rapper Rico Nasty.

Notably, Wang had previously reacted to XG’s viral ‘GALZ XYPHER’ video via 88rising. The featured the group’s rappers — Jurin, Maya, Harvey and Cocona — performing a rap cypher. The GOT7 singer had voiced his admiration for the group, calling them “the future”.

In an interview with NME, XG leader Jurin discussed Wang’s reaction to the viral clip, sharing: “We were really surprised. We had no idea when we were making it that so many people would react to it, so we feel very honoured.”