Harry Styles hit in the eye by sweet during Los Angeles show

Harry Styles was struck in the face by a sweet thrown by a crowd member at his concert in Los Angeles on Monday night (November 14).

The former One Direction singer was performing at The Kia Forum in Inglewood, California as part of his current residency at the stadium when the incident occurred, reports The Independent.

According to numerous fans who attended the gig, Styles was hit directly in the eye by what appeared to be a Skittles sweet. Footage of the moment has since emerged, showing the star throwing his head back and putting his hand to his face.


It’s reported that Styles continued to touch and rub his eye throughout the rest of the show, and at times was visibly squinting.

Pauli Lovejoy, who is Styles’ musical director and a member of his live band, subsequently confirmed during an Instagram Live broadcast that a Skittles sweet was thrown at the singer.

Although Styles’ eye wasn’t injured, Lovejoy warned viewers: “But do me a favour – don’t throw no more Skittles on stage.”


A fan on Twitter wrote: “Don’t throw shit onstage that’s going to hurt him what the actual fuck is the point of throwing skittles bro Harry Styles is not going to eat your random fucking dirty skittles stop it.”

Another said: “Like are you joking?? Look how hard he recoils hope your eye is OK.”

A third person added: “Whoever the fuck threw a solid object at his eye, u literally ruined ‘Kiwi’ [because] he wouldn’t open his eye for the whole song.”

Elsewhere, a Twitter user hit out at the perpetrator for their lack of “basic human respect”.

“Like can you all STOP throwing stuff at him,” they continued. “If you want Harry to have something, then make sure he wants to catch it or that it will land on stage, not in his body. What the hell. Awful people. AWFUL.”

Harry Styles performing live on-stage
Harry Styles performs live. CREDIT: Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Last month, Styles was hit in the groin by a flying object at a gig in Chicago. “Now, that’s unfortunate,” he told the audience while doubled over in apparent pain. He then shook his legs before resuming the gig. “OK, shake it off,” he added.

Two recent dates in LA saw the pop artist reveal the sex of fans’ unborn babies live on-stage.

Styles played his last Kia Forum show of 2022 last night (November 15). Earlier this month, he rescheduled three shows of the 15-night LA residency after coming down with flu. Those dates will now take place on January 26, 27 and 29.

The singer, who released his third solo album ‘Harry’s House’ back in May, is due to return to the UK and Ireland next summer as an extension to his mammoth ‘Love On Tour’.

In August, Harry Styles revealed that he was already working on ideas for his fourth studio record. “I’m always writing,” he said at the time.