Hans Zimmer has composed a second score for ‘Dune’

Just over two months until the release of Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated Dune, Hans Zimmer has revealed he has made two separate scores for the film.

As shared by The Hollywood Reporter, Zimmer has created a completely new score for the film that’s meant to accompany a making-of book titled The Art and Soul of Dune.

Written by Dune‘s executive producer Tanya Lapointe, The Art and Soul of Dune will offer detailed insight into the making of the film, including the processes behind creating its costume concepts, environmental designs and more.


In addition, the book will feature interviews with Villeneuve, as well as cast members like Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac and more.

Available to stream and purchase the same day as the release of the book and the film (October 22), Zimmer’s score for The Art and Soul of Dune marks the first time the composer has ever scored a book.

It will also be the third soundtrack that Zimmer’s providing for the film, following the release of ‘The Dune Sketchbook (Music from the Soundtrack)’ on September 3 and the film’s original motion picture soundtrack on September 17, which will feature Zimmer’s first Dune score.

“Denis and I agreed that the female characters in the film drive the story,” Zimmer said in a statement on his original score.

“So the score is based on mainly female voices. We developed our own language. The musicianship is extraordinary, and this is not your normal orchestral score.”


Last year, it was revealed that Zimmer supervised a 32-person choir over FaceTime, recording a cover of Pink Floyd‘s ‘Eclipse’, which can be heard in the film’s first trailer.