Halsey teases new era with mysterious website

Halsey is teasing a new era with a mysterious website.

Eagle-eyed fans have found a website connected to the singer called ForMyLastTrick.com, which contains various details and possible Easter eggs connected to the singer’s forthcoming fifth album.

After the user is invited to pull open a seal to access the website, they are greeted with numerous stickers featuring symbols and images, as well as slogans which may well be the titles of some of Halsey’s new songs.


One of the stickers features a cartoon ghost holding a sign that reads ‘You won’t find me here’ in reference to Halsey’s hit ‘Ghost’, which was released exactly ten years ago on January 27, 2014. Some of the others include a 1971 car number plate, an old Kmart logo, a rabbit in the woods, a woman’s earlobe and a plain ticket.

The slogans, which could potentially give clues as to some of the album’s song titles, include ‘Master Mystifier’, ‘Candy’, ‘Peril Is My Pay’, ‘Pour Nous’ and ‘Southern Belle’.

In September, Halsey teased the follow-up to 2021’s ‘If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power’ with a cryptic post with a caption sharing how they are “Splitting Myself in Two”.

The ‘Manic‘ singer previously shared that she was making her new album with “no strict genre parameters”.

While answering several fan questions on social media, they answered a question pertaining to the progress of their next record and what it would sound like. Halsey wrote: “As of right now I’m approaching it kinda how I approached ‘Manic’. No strict genre parameters or anything. Just making what feels good and what hits home :)”


In other news, the artist recently  made a statement addressing her silence on the Israel-Hamas war to “admit my regret”.

“A few people have suggested that it’s cowardice,” she wrote. “And to be completely honest, it is.” The singer, who has a two-year-old son named Ender, shared that she was “exceptionally anxious about navigating my responsibility as a career activist as it pertains to my daily life off of social media.”

She went on to explain that on her last tour, she had received “violent and threatening events” that “resulted in my home being swatted multiple times and required the presence of snipers in the sky during most of my shows that summer.” Consequently, Halsey “made a conscious decision to protect my family from people who plan to enact violence towards me in disagreement of my opinions.”

Halsey said despite this, “it doesn’t sit right with me that a decision I made for my own family is in turn keeping me from vocalizing support for families enduring far worse violence.”

“I have no meaningful statement or excuse to make that could justify my weeks of silence this time around,” she added. “And I deeply despise the culture of deflecting responsibility to save face in front of the audience demanding comment. So instead I’m coming here to call it for what it is, admit my regret, and reaffirm my stance regarding the liberation of the Palestinian people.”

The musician said her politics remained “unchanged”, standing against hate speech and for freedom and the right to live safely. She also said she would be making a “series of size-able donations to relief and support organizations.”