may very well be the man of the hour right now, having dropped off his . Now, the Atlanta rapper has decided to open up about his latest release, chopping it up with Ebro Darden on Beats 1 radio to discuss a variety of topics. Naturally, Ebro inquires about Gunna’s creative partnership with , a dynamic that has led to a variety of memorable bangers throughout the past few years.

Gunna Talks Working With Lil Baby, Roddy Ricch & More

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“It ain’t forced. It’s like it’s easy now. It’s like we both developed and got ourselves together where we was doing this shit when we weren’t together,” he explains. “And now that we at a point where we stable and we controlling the market, it’s easier. You know what I’m saying? Especially when we do it together…Now it’s two minds, two great minds pulling together. So it’d be easier. A hundred percent, and he ain’t changed and I ain’t changed. Like he the same person, he just richer. I’m the same person, I’m just richer.”

He also opens up about one of his newer friendships, that of , with whom he collaborated on “Cooler Than A Bitch.” As he tells it, the pair are kindred spirits of sorts. “Once we did Start Wit Me, man he took me to the projects over there,” says Gunna. “Man, shit. I just like our energy, kind of like just me and Baby. He just from California, so he liked the same shit I like, it just might be different. You know what I’m saying? In a different way.But we still can relate to each other and shit. And then we were just rocking. I’m always in LA, so when I’m there now, it’s just like bro, where you at? Pull up. And we might not even doing something today, we just kicking it.”

Check out the full interview below, and sound off – are you enjoying Wunna?