The old has slowly been . The rapper has shown a more menacing side to his character, going back to his vintage ways and reminding everybody that he’s not just a smiley married man these days. Sure, he’s got his family-friendly side to him but don’t be mistaken. Gucci Mane is still a badass and he’ll still unleash a clip on you if he deems it necessary.

This weekend, the rapper was playing basketball at the break of dawn with some friends, popping into the court after the opening time of 8 AM. Apparently, one woman was not pleased about their presence in her neighborhood, seemingly calling security on them and leading to Guwop popping off on video.

Gucci Mane Erupts After White Woman Kicks Him Off Basketball Court
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“She said she putting us out. It opens at 8’oclock, why we gotta go for? ‘Cause we black?” asked Gucci Mane. “You see how these white folks treat us?” he added, directing his question to a black security guard. 

It’s unclear if the situation was resolved and Gucci Mane and his boys were able to stay on the court. Regardless, this definitely shouldn’t have happened if Wop isn’t overreacting and the situation was truly a race issue.

Watch below.