Gogol Bordello play secret show for Ukrainian soldiers

Gogol Bordello have played a secret show for Ukrainian soldiers, it’s been revealed today (August 24).

Last week, the punk band played a secret gig for Ukrainian service people according to Vice.

Ukrainian frontman Eugene Hütz told Vice World News: “I really wanted to do this because it’s incredibly uplifting for fighters to see that Ukrainians around the world are one.”

“People in Ukraine hear a lot about world’s solidarity, but to see someone physically coming to them is when they actually believe it. Effort like that changes things tangibly.”


“To see our songs being played so fiercely by soldiers and for soldiers was the greatest test of their worth,” Hütz added. “If you feel you want to participate in saving lives of Ukrainian people who are defending their peace and their motherland please donate to Razom For Ukraine,” he added, speaking about a non-profit organisation that has already raised millions for the Ukraine.

Earlier this summer, Gogol Bordello held a one-off show in London this summer, with all proceeds from the concert going to help those in Ukraine.

“London always responded raucously to what we do, perhaps because of its own class
struggles” Hütz said in a statement. “Punk and hardcore is like a cultural-humanitarian corridor between all countries that deals with those issues, and a lot of it developed and grew muscles here. We are always excited to energise that corridor.”

“Since the beginning of invasion, London has been a very central place of support for
Ukraine’s Victory – not only with fundraising events, but with every tangible kind of
support to bring about Ukraine’s Victory as fast as possible,” he continues. “We
appreciate it tremendously. Much respect for that.”

Recently, Hütz also shared a tribute song to Eukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky.