Glorilla: “Nut Quick”

There’s another Glorilla single in the air where dudes get treated like that pet goldfish that you keep forgetting to feed. This one is called “Nut Quick,” from the Memphis rapper’s quickly stitched new EP Anyways Life’s Great…, and it’s a worthy successor to “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” and “Tomorrow,” two of the best rap songs of the year. Here she’s pointing and laughing at a man who was next to be her plaything, until he did just as the song’s title suggests. She’s disappointed but can’t blame him: “He know that I’m a Big Mac and them other hoes some kids meals,” she raps in her thundering voice. If you’re looking to live as she does, she’s got some tips: if he doesn’t have it, throw him to the curb; have him suck your toes so he knows who’s the boss; and if he gives good head, treat him to a haircut. Somebody check on the male ego, it’s on the ground and Glorilla is stomping it out.