Glastonbury 2024: Fans react to Jack Peñate as Little Simz’s guitarist

Fans were left surprised by the identity of Little Simz’s guitarist as she took Glastonbury 2024 by storm.

The rapper played the Pyramid Stage (June 29) last night, accompanied by her band for some of her set. She introduced her guitarist as Jack Peñate – the same Peñate who found success as an indie singer-songwriter in the 2000s.

Fans reacted with shock at the news on social media, one saying that “Jack Penate looking like Billy Ray Cyrus in Little Simz’s band was not on my bingo card,” while another said, “Jack Peñate 1) playing guitar for Little Simz 2) looking like a WWE superstar from 2005 is fully spinning me.”

One viewer replied that they’d been “Googling since she introduced the band trying to figure out if she did say what I thought she said.”


Peñate reached Number Seven on the album charts with his debut album ‘Matinee’ in 2007, and has since released two more albums. In recent years, however, he’s been part of the critically acclaimed R&B collective Sault, alongside other frequent Simz collaborators like producer Inflo and singer Cleo Sol, so it makes sense that he’d work with the rapper too.


Also in Little Simz’s set, she played a synthy new song, ‘The Code’, for the first time, and brought on Nigerian artist Obongjayar for their song ‘Point and Kill’.

Meanwhile, Simz also made an appearance during Coldplay’s headline set to perform an as-yet-released track – rumoured to be titled ‘Supernova’ or ‘We Pray’ – that will also feature Burna Boy.

Earlier this year, Simz, who worked her way through hits like ‘Introvert’, ‘Venom’ and ‘Gorilla’ during her set, spoke about playing Glastonbury. She told BBC Radio 6 Music: “I think my Glastonbury journey has just been so unique but, you know, the fact that they’ve supported me and kept bringing me back to do bigger stages, different times and stuff. Yeah, it really is, it is special.”

She continued: “I remember walking off [in 2022] and saying, ‘I’ll see you next time on the Pyramid’, and it actually happened … All roads are leading for me to Glasto, so I’m really taking time to craft a show, to make it as much of an immersive experience as I can. Just bringing vibes to the farm, really.”

Little Simz’s Glastonbury 2024 setlist was:


‘No Merci’
‘I Love You, I Hate You’
‘Heart on Fire’
‘101 FM’
‘Mood Swings’
‘The Code’
‘Point and Kill’ with Obongjayar

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